An innovative investment solution that accelerates the energy transition and decarbonization of French businesses

SOFIAC develops, manages, and invests in major decarbonization and energy retrofit projects to the benefit of enterprises in the tertiary, industrial, and condominium sectors. Thanks to our unique solution, we take charge of and assume 100% of the costs and risks of all project phases.

Main financial advantages for clients

Our approach is based on performance and requires NO investment from clients; project costs are reimbursed solely through a portion of generated savings. Our clients benefit from a positive cash flow as of the first day in addition to numerous other financial benefits.

No down payment required

Positive cash flow throughout the entire project

No impact on financial capacity

Complete transfer of assets as of installation


16 January 2024

Mirova, ADEME Investissement and Fondaction invest €60 million in SOFIAC to improve energy efficiency for companies in France

Paris, 16 January 2024 – SOFIAC, a company offering an innovative investment solution aimed at accelerating the energy transition and…

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