Accelerating the energy transition and decarbonization of French businesses

An investment solution dedicated to the private sector

SOFIAC was created to eliminate all financial, technical, and operational barriers that private companies encounter when developing and implementing energy efficiency and decarbonization projects. SOFIAC enables French businesses to:

Lower their energy costs

Achieve their ambitious GHG emission reduction targets

Increase their short, medium, and long-term profitability

Econoler and Fondaction have pooled their expertise to the benefit of an initiative that combines specialized know-how and a pioneering investment solution

SOFIAC was successfully launched in Canada before being introduced on the French market. It was designed and is managed by Ecofunds, the fruit of an alliance between Econoler and Fondaction.

Econoler designed the unique SOFIAC investment model based on its international experience in designing financing mechanisms adapted to energy efficiency. The firm associated itself with Fondaction, a pioneer in managing assets with positive impacts, to create and implement the innovative SOFIAC investment solution.

Thanks to the involvement of key financial partners, SOFIAC is now France’s largest private sector energy efficiency and decarbonization initiative.


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